How to Order an MVR Report?

(1) Go to

(2) Login with your Account Username and Passcode.

(3) From your Account Home Page Click ORDER. Select Your Search Product – You Can Order 1 Product or several at the same time. Click NEXT.







(4) Enter the Drivers Name and Date of Birth. Reference Code and SSN are Optional. Click NEXT

NOTE: If using our mobile friendly QuickAPP feature you will click on the green QuickApp button to enter your drivers email address which will send them a secure processing link to enter their own information for processing an MVR report. To enter multiple drivers you will select Send & Next. QuickAPP is not enabled by default – submit a Support Ticket to have this free feature enabled for your account.



(5) Enter DL NUMBER and select STATE. Click NEXT

Note: If you enter an incorrect DL format the system will alert you.

(6) Review your Search Information then Click COMPLETE ORDER.

Note: PA, AK and PSP reports require a specific signed release which can be attached to the review order screen.




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