MVR Company (An Company) is a National MVR Service provider for USA and CANADA companies. At MVRsearch, we have experience providing instant MVR Records for all 50 states. Our secure easy ordering system can facilitate your mvr and psp reports, dot drug drug testing and dot employment verifications. There are no setup fees or monthly fees – you only pay when you order a report.

Our Data Center Security:

data-centerOur ordering system is secured with a Thawte SSL security certificate which secures and encrypts all information entered into the system. In addition, each client account utilizes MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) Security which will text or email a random verification code that must be entered while logging into the clients account. Our system is also scanned daily by WebGuard Security for malware and viruses. All applicants Personal Information (DOB, SSN and DL Number) are redacted on their MVR Report for protection and security purposes. Our QuickAPP system uses a technology called SHA-2 to create a “digital fingerprint” of your application to ensure it is not altered after submission. As part of the signature we collect your name, SSN, and record your IP address for identity protection and security purposes. Our SaaS Enterprise Architecture is comprised of the very latest enterprise Servers, a high-performance Storage Area Network and is backed up by a fully redundant, geographically isolated data center.

Hardware Security

  • Redundant systems & backups
  • Mirrored Data Center
  • Multiple security checkpoints
  • Enterprise firewall protection
  • Enterprise anti-virus software
  • Intrusion detection
  • Redundant UPS systems and diesel generators
  • Diverse upstream Internet Service Providers
  • Closed-circuit television cameras
  • Automated suppression systems
  • 24/7/365 electronic and physical security

Software Security

  • Enterprise grade application framework
  • High security protocols & encryption (128/256 bit SSL/TLS)
  • Encrypting data in motion and at rest
  • Audit logging
  • Routine security scans and penetration testing
  • Disaster recovery procedures and protocols
  • Client controlled access (Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • Real time alerts of potential malicious behavior
  • IP logging for all log in attempts and orders
  • Tri-level password protection
  • Active analysis of network traffic
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring

Security Partners

  • Trust-Guard
  • thawte

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Best Security Practices


  • Third-party security certification
  • Staff training
  • Security oriented policies and procedures
  • Real-time data replication, both locally and off-site/out-of-region
  • Multi-factor authentication is a de facto industry standard and accepted best practice for login security. It creates an extra layer of protection for personal information

Our Privacy Policy:

All information entered into our system is kept secured and confidential. We DO NOT sell or rent any information to any 3rd party.

Our Service Partners:








Our ATS Integrations:

In addition to the most popular “off the shelf” ATS software you see listed we have integrated to many more custom-proprietary systems built by the employer for themselves. We have enjoyed great success with our established track record and are continuing to expand our integrations with several other projects currently underway. We are confident we could successfully integrate with any system you currently may use.


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