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What is your MVR Compliance Policy?

Only Legitimate Companies are authorized to use our MVR Screening Services. By creating a Business Account and agreeing to our terms of use, You hereby agree to use these services in accordance with applicable law including a permissible use as specified by DPPA, FCRA and the GLBA and agree that failure to do so will be a breach of your agreement for this service. Laws applicable to use of this data include the Drivers’ Privacy Protection Act and related state laws (DPPA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) as well as Federal law (FCRA). The data regulated by the DPPA, FCRA and the GLBA may be used only for the specified permissible uses. By creating an account and agreeing to our terms of use, you are certifying that the data returned to you will be used in accordance with State and Federal laws. Our services are FCRA and DOT Compliant. We do NOT provide personal Driving Records.

MVR Report Compliance: MVR Driving Record signed permission forms from the driver must be kept on file for a period of 5 years regardless if the applicant is hired. MAKES NO WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF AVAILABILITY, ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR OF MERCHANTABILITY. Industry Service Provider acknowledges and agrees that the services provided by MVRcheck are merely access and reporting services that are dependent upon the accuracy, completeness and integrity of government maintained databases and information. cannot and does not guarantee that the services will be uninterrupted or error free, or that the information provided will be accurate, complete or up to date. Accordingly, Industry Service Provider agrees that it uses the services at its own risk. The MVR database refers to information maintained by each respective states DMV. The PSP database refers to the information maintained by the FMCSA-DOT.

Pursuant to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (the “FCRA”) the undersigned, on behalf of the commercial driver  I (the “Employer or Insurer”), hereby certifies the following regarding each of the MVR & PSP program records (the “Records”) that Employer/Insurer is requesting:

The requested Records will be used for pre-employment screening purposes only. Insurance providers may use MVR consumer reports to underwrite insurance policies and to screen high-risk applicants per compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
Prior to this request, Employer/Insurer provided each Applicant a clear, separate and conspicuous written disclosure that the Employer is permitted to obtain the Records for employment purposes.
Each Applicant has provided the Employer/Insurer with written authorization permitting company to obtain a copy of the Applicant’s Records with PSP.
Notice to Employers and Insurers: If you intend to take adverse action as a result of this report, including but not limited to failure to hire or underwrite insurance, you must provide the subject of this report a copy of the report along with our contact information and a Summary of their Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Adverse Action Process:

Before taking Adverse Action, the employer must provide the following information to the applicant: If an employer denies a job applicant, terminates an employee, rescinds a job offer, or denies a promotion based on the results of a driving record or drug test, it is considered an adverse action. Under federal law there are required steps that must be followed in order to be in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Employer Must Provide the Following:

STEP 1: Pre-Adverse Action Letter – Provide the Pre-Adverse Letter, Copy of the MVR Report and a Copy of the FCRA Summary of Rights to the applicant. This information is sent prior to taking any action and employer should allow the applicant 5 business days to dispute the accuracy of what was reported. This information can be emailed or sent via mail with evidence of receipt. The applicant can go here to submit their request: MVR Dispute Request Form

STEP 2: Adverse Action Letter – this notice is sent after employer decides to take adverse action of not hiring the applicant.

The following needs to be included with the letter:

The name, address, and phone number of the CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency) that furnished the report.
A statement that the CRA did NOT decide to take the adverse action and is unable to provide the apllicant with specific reasons for the adverse action.
A notice of a Consumer’s Rights to obtain a free copy of their MVR Report from the CRA within 60 days.

What is the National Driver Register (NDR)?

National Driver Register (NDR) – is a computerized database of information about United States drivers who have had their driver’s licenses revoked or suspended, or who have been convicted of serious traffic violations, such as driving under the influence or drugs or alcohol.

The NDR system provides a central indicator of the location of information on individuals whose privilege to drive has been revoked, suspended, canceled, or denied or who have been convicted of serious traffic-related offenses. NHTSA maintains limited information in the NDR: names, dates of birth, driver license numbers, and sex of drivers on whom a State or the District of Columbia has driver records, but not the content of the driver record; all that an inquiry to the NDR does is indicate whether a State or the District of Columbia has a record on an individual matching the individual who is the subject of the inquiry, and, if so, which one(s). State driver licensing officials use NDR data when determining whether to issue a driver license.

In addition, the NDR is queried by other authorized users (Federal and non-Federal employers or prospective employers of motor vehicle operators, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for airman medical certification, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and railroads for locomotive operators, Coast Guard for merchant mariners and servicemen, air carriers for pilot applicants, and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in connection with accident investigations).

The NDR system contains both Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and non-personally identifiable information pertaining to drivers. For an individual’s PII to be included in NDR, that individual’s driving privilege must have been revoked, suspended, canceled, or denied; or the individual must have been convicted of one or more serious traffic-related offenses. The PII that the reporting jurisdictions send to NDR is reporting jurisdiction, individual’s full name, other names used, date of birth, sex, and driver license number. Additional PII that may be sent by the reporting jurisdiction is social security number, height, weight, and eye color.

The NDR collects PII in order to provide State Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs), FAA, FRA, and air carriers and other employers with centralized access to information on problem drivers. States use this information to make driver license issuance decisions. Other authorized users use this information to obtain an individual’s driver history from a State to determine suitability for employment as operator of a motor vehicle or other transportation vehicle.

The NDR system is not network-connected to any other system or group of systems within DOT, State DMVs have access to the NDR system through the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) telecommunications network. AAMVA maintains access and security control to its network. State DMVs maintain access and security controls to their own systems. State DMV users can submit an inquiry on an individual, receiving back from NDR information on possible matches that includes all available PII in the NDR system. DMVs use this PII to determine the match and grant or refuse a driver’s license based on this information.

What name will show on my Credit Card Statement?

MVRsearch is an company therefore will show on your credit card statement.

What is the MVR QuickApp Feature?


MVR QuickApp allows you to easily and quickly send a secure link to your drivers which will allow them to enter their own information to process an MVR Report. They will also digitally sign an authorization form for compliance. If needed you can also choose to have them pay for the MVR Report.

MVR QuickVerify allows you to easily and quickly obtain DOT Compliant previous employment verifications for your drivers. Send a secure link to the drivers previous employer to answer all standard employment questions and DOT compliant questions.

These features are included with your MVRcheck business account and will save your company time and money.

What does “No Record Found” or “Driver Not Found” Mean?


  • #1 Issue: You entered an incorrect Drivers License Number.
  • #2 Issue: You entered an incorrect Name.
  • #3 Issue: You entered an incorrect Date of Birth.

Our reports are transmitted DIRECTLY from the State DMV records; therefore, we CANNOT provide a REFUND for “NOT FOUND” reports. Recheck all entered information and re-order the report.

How do I place a Batch Order?

Easily order batch MVRs by using our pre-formatted excel spreadsheet. Upload your batch MVR orders.

Use the batch ordering excel template in your Account Dashboard – enter your driver info then email to [email protected].


What is your Refund Policy?

NO REFUNDS for driving record reports will be granted if the information you have submitted comes back as incorrect, invalid, or as “No Records Found” or “No Match Found”. The DMV does NOT provide refunds for incorrectly submitted information regardless of circumstance. You will need to make sure that you enter the correct MVR State, DL Number, Driver Name and Driver DOB.


Do you provide Personal Driving Records?

NO. We only provide Driving Records to legitimate companies. You must order your personal driving record directly from the DMV.

What are the ACD Codes on the MVR Report?

ACD is a uniform set of codes that are used to report motor vehicle violations from one jurisdiction to another. Click Here for Code Guide

How can I update My Account Credit Card?

From your Account HOME Page select the Link for Update Account Credit Card. You can also submit a support ticket if you would like us to update your card for you.

What is the Red Flag next to the Applicants Name?

red-flag The red flag simply means that violations (records) were found on your applicants screening report.

How do I View My Invoices?

Login to your Account and select the ADMIN tab then View Invoices. Invoices are generated on the last day of the month. If you need a Paid Invoice/Receipt prior to the end of the month then email [email protected]




Is a Signed Release Required?

YES – A signed authorization is required prior to ordering an MVR or PSP report for your applicants. You can keep the release in your files and/or upload to the MVR Order. PSP reports will NOT be processed until the release is emailed to [email protected] or attached to the order. We also provide a digital release option for your applicants which saves time.

As an employer, you must notify the applicant in writing – separate from the job application – that an MVR, PSP or Drug Screening report may be used.

How to Order an MVR Report?

(1) Go to

(2) Login with your Account Username and Passcode.

(3) From your Account Home Page Click ORDER. Select Your Search Product – You Can Order 1 Product or several at the same time. Click NEXT.







(4) Enter the Drivers Name and Date of Birth. Reference Code and SSN are Optional. Click NEXT

NOTE: If using our mobile friendly QuickAPP feature you will click on the green QuickApp button to enter your drivers email address which will send them a secure processing link to enter their own information for processing an MVR report. To enter multiple drivers you will select Send & Next. QuickAPP is not enabled by default – submit a Support Ticket to have this free feature enabled for your account.



(5) Enter DL NUMBER and select STATE. Click NEXT

Note: If you enter an incorrect DL format the system will alert you.

(6) Review your Search Information then Click COMPLETE ORDER.

Note: PA, AK and PSP reports require a specific signed release which can be attached to the review order screen.




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